How to check if Final Fantasy 14 servers are down (2024)

How to check if Final Fantasy 14 servers are down (1)

It's no surprise to anyone that the FFXIV servers are currently under a lot of pressure. And that's likely to continue over the next few days and weeks as the new Endwalker expansion gets underway. Even before Endwalker's launch, the servers were under a lot of pressure, not helped by the ongoing semiconductor shortage preventing the addition of extra equipment to help with the increased load.

Endwalker doesn't officially launch until December 7, but if you've pre-ordered the expansion, you can play right now. There's plenty to get stuck into, including the two new jobs—Sage and Reaper—and new areas to explore. But if you're having trouble logging into Eorzea, here's how to check if the FF14: Endwalker servers are down.

We would like to share some information regarding the congestion that may occur during the Early Access period and release of #Endwalker.🌐 30, 2021

How to check the FFXIV server status

If you're having trouble getting online in Final Fantasy 14, it's worth knowing where to check to see if there's an issue. And while the problem is likely to be server-side because of Endwalker's launch and the immense amount of players trying to play right now, it's also worth double-checking in case the issue's on your end. You don't want to sit there, patiently waiting for it to come back online, only to realise your home connection is at fault.

The first place to check is the Lodestone website. This should give you fairly up-to-date information on the status of each world within the North American, European, and Japanese data centers. It is also handy as it tells you whether or not you can create new characters on any given world. If you want more details, you can check this page for a list of technical issues and possible updates.

FFXIV's official Twitter is generally pretty up-to-date, too, though you'll get more detailed information on the pages listed above.

If you're seeing the Error 2002 pop up, the best thing to do is to wait it out as it's likely login server congestion. But if you're having trouble even getting that far, it's always worth seeing if friends are having similar problems—assuming they play on the same world as you.

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How to check if Final Fantasy 14 servers are down (2)

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How to check if Final Fantasy 14 servers are down (2024)
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