Men's Tweed Suits | Donegal & Herringbone (2024)

When it comes to how to wear tweed now, we've got you covered. It might have its roots in the countryside, but today's tweed tailoring is a solid choice for different occasions. Choose a tweed 3-piece suit for weddings or work, or a tweed jacket or waistcoat on weekends for a smart casual feel. Shop our collection of plain woollen weaves, herringbone structures, Donegal-style flecks and modern checks in slim and tailored fits to get tweed working for you

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32 (2) 34 (11) 36 (12) 38 (13) 40 (12) 42 (13) 44 (13) 46 (11) 48 (10) 50 (7) 52 (5) 54 (6) 56 (2)

Slim fit (7) Tailored fit (6)

Beige (3) Blue (4) Brown (1) Green (3) Grey (2)

Moss (13)

Tweed (13) Stretch (1)

2 piece (12) 3 piece (13) Single breasted (12)

Plain (3) Textured (10)

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Slim Fit Stone Donegal Tweed Suit £249.00
Tailored Fit Aqua Donegal Suit £249.00
Slim Fit Brown Tweed Suit £249.00
Slim Fit Grey Donegal Tweed Suit £249.00

New In

Slim Fit Light Blue Donegal Suit £249.00
Slim Fit Khaki Donegal Tweed Suit £249.00
Slim Fit Sage Herringbone Tweed Suit £249.00


Tailored Fit Stone Houndstooth Tweed Suit £249.00 £79.95
Tailored Fit Olive Herringbone Suit £249.00
Tailored Fit Light Grey Donegal Suit £249.00
Tailored Fit Taupe White Houndstooth Suit £249.00
Slim Fit Blue Donegal Suit £249.00
Tailored Fit Ink Herringbone Suit £249.00

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What colour suit should I buy?

There are so many different options when it comes to suit colours. Whether you go for a more classic look with navy or black, or stand out from the crowd in a bold check suit, you can choose your suit to match your personality and style. There are lots of opportunities to incorporate colour into your suit with a pair of socks in solid and bright colours, or even a patterned tie and pocket square.

When it’s warm, you’ve got your opportunity to transition into wearing warmer tones. A neutral or beige linen suit is best for summer nights. Linen is a more breathable fabric that doesn’t comprise on style. If you're looking for a versatile suit you can wear for any occasion, a grey two-piece or three-piece is exactly what you need. Grey is a great neutral, so you’ll never be short on styling options.

What does a 3-piece suit include?

A 3-piece tailored suit is perfect for an occasion that calls for you to dress your absolute best. This suit style includes a jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Sometimes referred to as a men's full-piece suit, it’s typically worn for more formal occasions. So, if you're looking to buy your wedding suit or attend a wedding, a three-piece is a great choice. Coordinate and dress to impress by pairing it with a formal shirt, tie and shoes.

How to measure a men's suit jacket?

When it comes to measuring your suit jacket, there are two things you need to keep in mind: chest size and sleeve size. Measuring the two correctly will help you find the perfect fit, whether you’re looking for a slim fit suit, tailored fit suit or regular fit suit. Head to our menswear size guide for UK/EU sizes available at Moss.

How should a suit fit?

Depending on your build, the type of suit that suits your body and fits properly can vary. There are three main fits to help you find the best suit for you: slim fit, tailored fit and regular fit.

Slim-fit suits are tailored to fit closest to the body, right through to the seat and thigh. The fit is more modern, and tapered towards the ankle of the trouser. A slim-fit suit can give you a sharp and stylish look that’s still true to classic tailoring codes.

A tailored-fit suit is a well-balanced fit with a slightly tapered leg towards the ankle. Like a slim-fit suit, this fit is defined through the seat and thigh. A tailored-fit suit contours to the body for a flattering look.

A regular-fit suit is perfect if you’re looking for a nice balance between fit and comfort. The regular-fit suit includes straight leg trousers that hang smoothly over your shoes. It has a slightly fuller look compared to other suit styles right from the seat and thigh.

Where to buy men's suits?

We recommend you buy your suit from a men's suit specialist with experts at the ready who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for based on your style, the occasion and your budget. Moss has those experts, and a variety of services so you can buy a men’s suit off the rack, get a custom-made suit, or even hire a suit. To see our range of men's suits, explore our website and find the right one for you.

Men's Tweed Suits | Donegal & Herringbone (2024)
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