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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Data Center Selection
  • 3 North American Region
    • 3.1 Aether Data Center
    • 3.2 Crystal Data Center
    • 3.3 Primal Data Center
    • 3.4 Dynamis Data Center
  • 4 European Region
    • 4.1 Chaos Data Center
    • 4.2 Light Data Center
    • 4.3 Shadow Data Center (future)
  • 5 Japanese Region
    • 5.1 Elemental Data Center
    • 5.2 Gaia Data Center
    • 5.3 Mana Data Center
    • 5.4 Meteor Data Center
  • 6 Oceanian Region
    • 6.1 Materia Data Center
  • 7 World Visit System
  • 8 Data Center Travel


This article is about the list of Servers, which are officially referred to as "Worlds". For the in-universe lore meaning of "world", see World.

Servers or Worlds are individual instances of Final Fantasy XIV. Servers are located in 4 places on Earth: North America, Europe, Japan, and Oceania. Each region is further divided into Data Centers. Each Data Center has multiple servers.

There are no regional limitations on servers. Anyone can create characters on any of the 4 regions. During Character Creation, players can select the world server of their choice to begin the game on. An indicator by each world in the world list indicates population density, represented by chocobo icons, as low, average, or high. For more information about Preferred Worlds, please refer to the Play Guide entry on population balancing.

Characters cannot be created on servers marked by the developers with "Congested" status, nor on servers where very many players are currently logged on.

To transfer a character from one server to another, player needs to use the World Transfer Service, which costs real world money. This fee is waived only if transferring from a Congested server to a Preferred one, or from any non-New server to a New server. You can check a World's current status on the official world status page. However, players can temporarily visit other servers with the World Visit System and Data Center Travel, which have some restrictions.

Note that Legacy servers are servers that existed before the A Realm Reborn (2.0) relaunch. Each server has an internal ID number that was retrieved from the API via datamining; it is unknown what these IDs are based upon.

There are separate servers for the Chinese and Korean regions, and those versions of the game are totally isolated, run by local subcontracted companies, and incompatible with the international version. If an international player finds themselves in a Chinese or Korean region, a VPN may be needed to connect to the international servers.

Data Center Selection

When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to select a regional data center. Your choice of data center will determine the Worlds you may choose from after creating your character. Please note that characters are bound to the World on which they are created.

  • Your data center can be changed at any time via the Data Center Selection window at the title screen.

1. Select a data center.

If you have previously logged in with a character, the data center of the last character played will be denoted with a ★ symbol.

2. Review the list of data centers and their associated Worlds.

Worlds listed under the data center of the last character played will be highlighted.

North American Region

Aether Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
73AdamantoiseAugust 16, 2013No
79CactuarAugust 16, 2013No
54FaerieAugust 18, 2013No
63GilgameshAugust 16, 2013No
40JenovaApril 04, 2014No
65MidgardsormrAugust 16, 2013No
99SargatanasAugust 16, 2013Yes
57SirenAugust 18, 2013No

Crystal Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
91BalmungAugust 16, 2013Yes
34BrynhildrSeptember 12, 2013No
74CoeurlAugust 16, 2013No
62DiabolosAugust 16, 2013No
81GoblinAugust 16, 2013No
75MalboroAugust 16, 2013No
37MateusSeptember 12, 2013No
41ZaleraSeptember 12, 2013No

Primal Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
78BehemothAugust 16, 2013No
93ExcaliburAugust 16, 2013Yes
53ExodusAugust 18, 2013No
35FamfritSeptember 4, 2013No
95HyperionAugust 16, 2013Yes
55LamiaAugust 18, 2013No
64LeviathanAugust 16, 2013No
77UltrosAugust 16, 2013No

Dynamis Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
406HalicarnassusNovember 1, 2022No
407MaduinNovember 1, 2022No
404MarilithNovember 1, 2022No
405SeraphNovember 1, 2022No

The Dynamis Data Center was added on November 1, 2022 and initially has four Worlds. Four more worlds are planned to be implemented at a later date.

European Region

Chaos Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
80CerberusAugust 16, 2013No
83LouisoixJune 16, 2017No
71MoogleAugust 16, 2013No
39OmegaJune 16, 2017No
401PhantomJuly 5, 2022No
97RagnarokAugust 16, 2013Yes
400SagittariusJuly 5, 2022No
85SprigganJune 18, 2019No

Light Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
402AlphaJuly 5, 2022No
36LichSeptember 4, 2013No
66OdinAugust 16, 2013No
56PhoenixAugust 18, 2013No
403RaidenJuly 5, 2022No
67ShivaAugust 16, 2013No
33TwintaniaJune 18, 2019No
42ZodiarkApril, 04, 2014No

Shadow Data Center (future)

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server

Japanese Region

Elemental Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
90AegisAugust 16, 2013Yes
68AtomosAugust 16, 2013No
45CarbuncleAugust 16, 2013No
58GarudaAugust 16, 2013No
94GungnirAugust 16, 2013Yes
49KujataAugust 18, 2013No
72TonberryAugust 16, 2013No
50TyphonAugust 18, 2013No

Gaia Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
43AlexanderAugust 16, 2013No
69BahamutAugust 16, 2013No
92DurandalAugust 16, 2013Yes
46FenrirAugust 16, 2013No
59IfritAugust 16, 2013No
98RidillAugust 16, 2013Yes
76TiamatAugust 16, 2013No
51UltimaAugust 18, 2013No

Mana Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
44AnimaAugust 16, 2013No
23AsuraSeptember 12, 2013No
70ChocoboAugust 16, 2013No
47HadesAugust 16, 2013No
48IxionAugust 18, 2013No
96MasamuneAugust 16, 2013Yes
28PandaemoniumSeptember 4, 2013No
61TitanAugust 16, 2013No

Meteor Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
24BeliasSeptember 12, 2013No
82MandragoraAugust 16, 2013No
60RamuhAugust 16, 2013No
29ShinryuApril 4, 2014No
30UnicornSeptember 12, 2013No
52ValeforAugust 18, 2013No
31YojimboSeptember 12, 2013No
32ZeromusSeptember 12, 2013No

The Meteor Data Center was added on July 5, 2022, and certain existing Worlds were redistributed to it.

Oceanian Region

Materia Data Center

IDNameActivation DateLegacy Server
22BismarckJanuary 25, 2022No
21RavanaJanuary 25, 2022No
86SephirotJanuary 25, 2022No
87SophiaJanuary 25, 2022No
88ZurvanJanuary 25, 2022No

World Visit System

Main article: World Visit System

Players may visit other World servers in your data center to party with friends, purchase items, and tackle duties as of Patch 4.57.

Data Center Travel

Main article: Data Center Travel

Players may travel between logical data centers to embark on adventures with players from those data centers as of patch 6.18.

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