The Best Recipes Made By Grandmas From Every State (2024)

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Alabama: Martha Washington Candy Alaska: Triple Mousse Torte Arizona: Oktoberfest Red Cabbage Arkansas: Turtle Cookies Colorado: Chocolate Butterscotch Haystacks Connecticut: Marshmallow Puffs Delaware: Fruit-Filled Spritz Cookies Florida: Grandma's Collard Greens Hawaii: Minestrone with Turkey Idaho: Grandma Russell's Bread Illinois: Festive Tomato Wedges Indiana: Homemade Polish Pierogies Iowa: Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Cookies Kansas: Easy Texas BBQ Brisket Kentucky: Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffins Louisiana: Baklava Cheesecake Maine: Cape Cod Blueberry Pie Maryland: Peanut Butter Maple Cookies Massachusetts: Italian Pineapple Trifle Michigan: Hungarian Nut Rolls Minnesota: Flaky Butterhorn Rolls Missouri: Fresh Tomato Relish Montana: Grandma's Molasses Fruitcake Nebraska: Beef Brisket on Buns Nevada: Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bake New Hampshire: Cranberry-Almond Apple Pie New Jersey: Bacon Roll-Ups New Mexico: Pumpkin Chip Cake with Walnuts New York: Grandma's Seafood Chowder North Carolina: Slow Cooker Mushroom Stuffing North Dakota: Grandma's Sour Cream Raisin Pie Oklahoma: Miniature Peanut Butter Treats Oregon: Grandma Schwartz's Rouladen Pennsylvania: Easy Homemade Pickles Rhode Island: German-Style Spinach South Carolina: Apple Butter Biscuit Breakfast Bake South Dakota: Great-Grandma's Oatmeal Cookies Tennessee: Raisin Pecan Pie Texas: Grandma's Corn Bread Dressing Utah: Classic French Onion Soup Vermont: Zucchini Cupcakes Virginia: Banana Beignet Bites Washington: Green Tomato Pie West Virginia: Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops Wisconsin: Delicious Apple Salad Wyoming: Mrs. Thompson's Carrot Cake

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The Best Recipes Made By Grandmas From Every State (1)Caroline StankoUpdated: Feb. 15, 2024

    Check out the classic and comforting recipes that Grandmas are cooking up from coast to coast.


    Alabama: Martha Washington Candy

    Passed down by my grandmother and mother, this Martha Washington candy recipe is a cherished family tradition. We've even had each grandchild and great-grandchild take a turn stirring the candy mixture! —Cindi Boger, Ardmore, Alabama

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    Alaska: Triple Mousse Torte


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    Arizona: Oktoberfest Red Cabbage

    Four generations of our family have made this dish of red cabbage and apples, known as rotkohl ("red cabbage"). We love the tart and sweet flavors. —Diana Likes, Chandler, Arizona

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    Arkansas: Turtle Cookies

    Our special education class developed these fudgy turtle cookies. We have a cookie club teachers can pay to join, and members give this cookie two thumbs up. —Debbie Ethridge, Bentonville, Arkansas

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    Every spring, we had strawberries and rhubarb on our farm outside Seattle. These fruity hand pies remind me of those times and of Grandma Winnie’s baking. —Shawn Carleton, San Diego, California

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    Colorado: Chocolate Butterscotch Haystacks

    My grandmother used to make this haystacks recipe to give to my cousin Vonnie and me when our parents didn't want us to have any more sweets. —Christine Schwester, Divide, Colorado

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    Connecticut: Marshmallow Puffs

    With peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows, these treats were very popular with our three kids as they were growing up—and now I make them for our two grandchildren. They're perfect for the holidays when time is so precious. —Dody Cagenello, Simsbury, Connecticut

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    Delaware: Fruit-Filled Spritz Cookies

    From the first time I baked these cookies, they've been a big success. Old-fashioned and attractive, they make a perfect holiday pastry. —Ingeborg Keith, Newark, Delaware

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    Florida: Grandma's Collard Greens

    My grandmother made the best southern collard greens recipe in the world. Eating them with a slice of buttermilk cornbread is pure bliss. —Sherri Williams, Crestview, Florida

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    Taste of Home

    I needed a fast supper while babysitting my grandchild. I used what my daughter-in-law had in the fridge and turned it into what's now one of our favorite chicken and spinach recipes. —Sandra Ellis, Stockbridge, Georgia

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    Taste of Home

    Hawaii: Minestrone with Turkey

    I remember my mom making this soup; now I make it for my kids as often as I can. It's a good way to use up leftover vegetables. Sometimes I add a can of rinsed and drained kidney or garbanzo beans. —Angela Goodman, Kaneohe, Hawaii

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    Idaho: Grandma Russell's Bread

    I remember as a child always smelling fresh homemade bread and rolls whenever I walked into Grandma's house. The warm slices were delicious and melted in my mouth! —Janet Polito, Nampa, Idaho


    Taste of Home

    Illinois: Festive Tomato Wedges

    Since I have a large vegetable and herb garden, many of the ingredients in this recipe are truly "homegrown". I found this simple recipe in a magazine years ago and it quickly became a favorite at family picnics. I have five married children and seven grandchildren, and they all love to come home for some of "Mom's cooking". —Wilma Purcell, Alma, Illinois

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    Indiana: Homemade Polish Pierogies

    My mother measured ingredients for these using her hand. We've passed the recipe down over the years as the family has grown. —Veronica Weinkauf, South Bend, Indiana

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    Iowa: Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Cookies


    Kansas: Easy Texas BBQ Brisket

    Mom came to visit and told me my brisket was even better than the version we used to eat back in Texas. Use the leftovers for sandwiches and tacos. —Audra Rorick, Blanca, Colorado

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    Kentucky: Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffins

    This is my own sweet potato muffin recipe, and I make it often. My five grandchildren think these are delicious treats. —Christine Johnson, Ricetown, Kentucky

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    Louisiana: Baklava Cheesecake

    With sugared cranberries and rosemary sprigs, my unique baklava cheesecake makes a grand display for office parties and other special events. —Aryanna Gamble, New Orleans, Louisiana

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    Maine: Cape Cod Blueberry Pie

    We Northeasterners have been baking this pie since the 18th century. Settlers would’ve used little wild blueberries and topped it with cream. I do, too. —Nancy O'Connell, Biddeford, Maine

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    Maryland: Peanut Butter Maple Cookies

    I bake these crispy yet chewy peanut butter cookies often. My grandchildren, both near and far, can't wait to dig into the cookie jar. —Lois Bowman, Swanton, Maryland

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    Massachusetts: Italian Pineapple Trifle

    My grandmother made this rich, tempting trifle every year for our family’s Christmas Eve celebrations. Now I make it to carry on her special tradition. It’s an easy, delicious no-bake dessert everyone will love. —Ann-Marie Milano, Milton, Massachusetts

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    Taste of Home

    Michigan: Hungarian Nut Rolls

    It isn't officially the holidays until I've made this treasured nut roll recipe from my husband's grandmother. The apple-walnut filling is moist, subtly sweet and flavorful. —Donna Bardocz, Howell, Michigan

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    Taste of Home

    Minnesota: Flaky Butterhorn Rolls

    The recipe for these dinner rolls, slightly sweet and so very flaky, was my mother’s. They are simple to prepare because kneading skills are not required and the dough is easy to handle. My grandchildren have renamed them "Grandma’s croissants"! —Bernice Smith, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

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    I’m originally from Louisiana, where my grandma spoke Cajun French as she taught me her spicy chicken spaghetti. —Brenda Melancon, McComb, Mississippi

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    Taste of Home

    Missouri: Fresh Tomato Relish

    My two grown sons actually eat this as a salad, but that's a bit too hot for me! The recipe is from my late husband's mother, and I haven't varied it over the years. I usually make a batch as soon as the first tomatoes of the season are ready. —Lela Baskins, Windsor, Missouri


    Taste of Home

    Montana: Grandma's Molasses Fruitcake

    This dense, dark, moist fruitcake was my grandmother's recipe. The flavor just gets better and better as it sits in the fridge, so be sure to make it ahead! —Debbie Harmon, Lavina, Montana

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    Nebraska: Beef Brisket on Buns

    With its slightly smoky flavor, this beef turns out tender and delicious every time! Plus, it slices well so it looks great on a buffet. —Deb Waggoner, Grand Island, Nebraska

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    Taste of Home

    Nevada: Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bake

    Blueberries in season make this a very special breakfast, but I find that frozen berries can work just as well. My grandmother used to make this with strawberries and I always loved to eat it at her house.—Marsha Ketaner, Henderson, Nevada

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    Taste of Home

    New Hampshire: Cranberry-Almond Apple Pie

    My grandmother made this treat every year for Christmas. It’s much better than everyday apple pie. The recipe is a family treasure. —Maxine Theriauit, Nashua, New Hampshire

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    New Jersey: Bacon Roll-Ups

    This family recipe dates back to the 1930s, when my grandmother started making these hearty breakfast rolls. —Janet Abate, North Brunswick, New Jersey

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    New Mexico: Pumpkin Chip Cake with Walnuts


    Taste of Home

    New York: Grandma's Seafood Chowder

    My grandmother makes this every year for Christmas morning—the only time we ever had it. Why wait, when you can enjoy this satisfying chowder anytime? It's also delicious topped with biscuits! —Melissa Obernesser, Utica, New York

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    Taste of Home

    North Carolina: Slow Cooker Mushroom Stuffing

    My grandmother created this recipe after my grandfather left the well-drilling business and invested all their money in a mushroom farm. The farm was a success and saw the family through the Great Depression. —Eric Cooper, Durham, North Carolina

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    North Dakota: Grandma's Sour Cream Raisin Pie

    The aroma of this pie baking in my farm kitchen oven reminds me of my dear grandma, who made this pretty pie for special occasions. —Beverly Medalen, Willow City, North Dakota

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    Taste of Home

    Oklahoma: Miniature Peanut Butter Treats

    This recipe is one of my family's favorites, and I make the treats a lot, especially at Christmas. I have three children and eight grandchildren, and every one of them loves those "peanut butter thingies," as the grandchildren call them! —Jodie McCoy, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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    Taste of Home

    Oregon: Grandma Schwartz's Rouladen

    This was one of my Grandma Schwartz's recipes. Grandpa Schwartz was a German butcher and this was one of his (and our) favorite meals. It's an extra-special beef entree when served with mashed potatoes made with butter and sour cream. —Lynda Sharai, Summer Lake, Oregon

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    Pennsylvania: Easy Homemade Pickles

    My husband grows cucumbers, garlic and dill in the garden and eagerly waits for me to make these homemade pickles. The recipe comes from my grandmother.—Angela Lienhard, Blossburg, Pennsylvania

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    Rhode Island: German-Style Spinach

    Grandma's spinach dish is flavored with her Austrian heritage. It's tasty and always looks so pretty on the plate. We children never had to be told to eat our spinach at Grandma's house! —Joan Hutter, Warwick, Rhode Island

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    South Carolina: Apple Butter Biscuit Breakfast Bake

    My grandmother created this recipe to use up the leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner. By combining leftover ham and biscuits with milk, eggs and her homemade apple butter, she served us all a warm, delicious breakfast and still was able to spend with her grandchildren. —Marty Leverette, Columbia, South Carolina

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    South Dakota: Great-Grandma's Oatmeal Cookies

    This yummy cookie—a favorite of my husband's—goes back to my great-grandmother. At Christmastime, we use colored sugar for a festive touch. —Mary Ann Konechne, Kimball, South Dakota

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    Tennessee: Raisin Pecan Pie

    I remember my Grandmother Voltie and Great-Aunt Ophelia making this southern-style pie for Thanksgiving. It was always one of the many cakes and pies lined up for dessert. —Angie Price, Bradford, Tennessee

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    Taste of Home

    Texas: Grandma's Corn Bread Dressing

    Growing up, we didn’t have turkey. We had chicken, chopped and baked in my grandmother’s dressing. Now we leave out the chicken and keep the cornbread dressing. —Suzanne Mohme, Bastrop, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    Utah: Classic French Onion Soup

    Enjoy my signature French onion soup the way my granddaughter Becky does: I make onion soup for her in a crock bowl, complete with garlic croutons and gobs of melted Swiss cheese on top. —Lou Sansevero, Ferron, Utah

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    Vermont: Zucchini Cupcakes

    I asked my grandmother for this recipe after trying these irresistible spice cupcakes at her home. I love their creamy caramel frosting. They're such a scrumptious dessert, you actually forget you're eating your vegetables, too! —Virginia Lapierre, Greensboro Bend, Vermont

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    Virginia: Banana Beignet Bites

    When I was a little girl, my grandmother took me aside one day and taught me how to make her famous banana beignets. Although we made them during the holidays, they're pretty fantastic any time of the year. —Amy Downing, South Riding, Virginia

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    Washington: Green Tomato Pie

    When frost nips our garden, I quickly gather all the green tomatoes still on the vine and make this old family favorite. It's been handed down from my grandmother, and now my granddaughters are asking for the recipe.—Violet Thompson, Port Ludlow, Washington

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    West Virginia: Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops

    My grandson, Patrick, who's now in high school, was "Grammy's helper" for years. We made these frozen pops for company and everyone, including the adults, loved them. They're delicious and good for you! —June Dickenson, Philippi, West Virginia

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    Wisconsin: Delicious Apple Salad

    This yummy fruit salad was a favorite of my great-grandmother’s. My family always enjoys it, and I’m happy knowing it’s good for them, too. —Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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    Wyoming: Mrs. Thompson's Carrot Cake

    I received this recipe from the mother of a patient I cared for back in 1972 in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was, and is, the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. It’s requested for many family gatherings and celebrations. —Becky Wachob, Kelly, Wyoming

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    Originally Published: March 18, 2019

    The Best Recipes Made By Grandmas From Every State (48)

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    The Best Recipes Made By Grandmas From Every State (2024)
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